Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #219 "Man's Monument"

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If ever you have traveled cross country via car you have undoubtedly come across this scene, or a facsimile of it. I can't actually recall what trip this was on where I snapped this photo, but something told me I needed to take it. When one is at the easel carving away trying to breathe life into a painting you there is (at least for me) the side of the brain that is working out the techincal details of the piece (color, form, line etc...) Then there is the subconscious side, that works on whatever it wants to. Here I kept having the same story roll around in my head. What would a people, a thousand or two years from now, think if they happened upon this scene with no reference to what our lives were in this time. What would the make of this massive structure jutting out of the landscape, thrusting itself upon each of the weary travelers passing it by. Would they decide that is was merely an instruction for travelers that a respite was close at hand? Or would they use a bit more of imagination? Perhaps an altar of some type, a monument to our gods of the time? I do not scoff at innovation and the advancement of our society but I do sometimes shake my head when I see such a wonderfully serene scene broken, or disturbed by our modern icons and 'gods.' If this was all that was left in this land, would this be our Stonehenge?

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