Monday, November 7, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #210 "Secret Jen" **SOLD**

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In Cincinnati, there is an orginization called Artworks, whose main goal is to support the arts in the city. Some of the murals that have been painted throughout the city have been commissioned through Artworks, where they get professional artists to take on students from around the city to work together in collaboration to finish the pieces. This is just one of the many things that this organization does . . . BUT the coolest thing they do, in my humble opinion, is something called Secret Artworks. This is their largest fundraising effort for the year. Basically you buy a ticket to get in the door which includes your admission and a few smaller things (ie: drink tickets food etc..) and you get one ticket for a piece of art. This year Artworks asked 300 local artist to donate works, all of which must be 5x7" and cannot be signed on the front. They can be 2D or 3D but must fit onto the 5x7 card they give you. On opening night people flood in and snatch up the pieces they like in a kind of free for all, and the secret artists are revealed only when they have been purchased. The artists get a bit of exposure, the public gets a chance to snag a piece of original art for a reasonable amount of money, and artworks gets money to operate . . . it all works out. THIS piece is a portrait of my wife and was going to be destined for this show BUT wasn't finished in time to meet the deadline. Unfortunately, since it's being posted here "It ain't to big of a secret who painted it!"

PS: If you are in the Cincinnati area on Nov 18th, maybe swing on by the Secret Artworks opening there are a couple of pieces you might like. PSSSSSSSSSS one of them looks alot like me:)

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