Friday, April 12, 2013

#312 "Trio Third Sketch"

Here's the final one of this little series of apples. Unfortunately the color on them is starting to turn a bit and has lost it's luster (in my eyes.) So I thought I throw an old standard into the mix . . . one of my many tiny sketch books and #2 pencils. The lighting from directly above gave the scene a bit of an ominous feel, and turned some ordinary apples into something a bit Hitchcockian (is that a word?)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

#311 "Trio 2"

Here's another in the three multicolor apples series. The small turquoise pot is one I've had in my still life closet for years and never painted. It seemed the right size and added enough contrast that I though it should make its first appearance. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#310 Trio

A small study of some tasty apples we had in our kitchen. I love the multicolor contrast that the yellows, greens, and reds make on these guys. I'm going to try and paint these guys a few times this week with in a few different setups. 

#309 Just A Bite

When I do these small warm up sketches I like to still keep things relevant to my everyday goings on, this keeps me interested and my eyes fully 'awake' to what I'm looking at. On this particular day I was getting some of my seedlings (we do a bit of vegetable and herb gardening) ready to transplant and I had just bought another few grapefruits for us. The number 2 pencil, well I've been painting those since I can remember painting.