Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #226 "Backroads"

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A small painting of an Indiana back road at the end of summer. One of a few landscapes that I've done that has a minimal amount of man made structures.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #225 "You Got His Attention"

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I'm a big dog person, and no matter what the breed this is my absolute favorite look that a dog can give. Whether it was a squirrel, another dog, or one of those unseen by human things this guy was fixated on something and in this staring contest whatever he was staring at was going to lose.

Monday, November 28, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #224 "Christmas In A Bottle" **SOLD**

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Just a few little objects that reminded me of Christmas.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #223 "Sweet"

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The season has past for strawberries but ahhhh the grocery store can fill what the garden cannot. The rose comes from my neighbors yard. She has a rose bush that to this day ( a few before December) still blooms heartily. The buds aren't huge but are as exquisite as any rose could be. Finally the ramekin that the strawberries sit in has been used numerous time to make many desserts which brings us to the title which describes all three.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #222 "Christmas Sketch" **SOLD**

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Christmas songs on the radio, people getting mauled and maced on Black Friday . . . tis the season and this, I think will be the first of many in this genre of Diapers. I've painted this mini etch-a-sketch a bunch of times and I always love the lush reds that just pop of the panel. We are in prep mode for Christmas which means the decorations are coming out and whilst sifting through the boxes I came across some of these tiny tiny ornaments. Just trying to get the reflections to pop on these guys is a challenge in itself.

Friday, November 25, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #221 "South Carolina Sand" **SOLD**

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A fairly common seen up and down the South Carolina coast. This one is without the high priced homes and overly tanned tourists.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #219 "Man's Monument"

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If ever you have traveled cross country via car you have undoubtedly come across this scene, or a facsimile of it. I can't actually recall what trip this was on where I snapped this photo, but something told me I needed to take it. When one is at the easel carving away trying to breathe life into a painting you there is (at least for me) the side of the brain that is working out the techincal details of the piece (color, form, line etc...) Then there is the subconscious side, that works on whatever it wants to. Here I kept having the same story roll around in my head. What would a people, a thousand or two years from now, think if they happened upon this scene with no reference to what our lives were in this time. What would the make of this massive structure jutting out of the landscape, thrusting itself upon each of the weary travelers passing it by. Would they decide that is was merely an instruction for travelers that a respite was close at hand? Or would they use a bit more of imagination? Perhaps an altar of some type, a monument to our gods of the time? I do not scoff at innovation and the advancement of our society but I do sometimes shake my head when I see such a wonderfully serene scene broken, or disturbed by our modern icons and 'gods.' If this was all that was left in this land, would this be our Stonehenge?

Monday, November 21, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #218 "A Shot of Pumpkin Spice" **SOLD**

We had a few of these little guys left over from Halloween and I have an ample supply of containers to drink coffee out of. I chose this combination because of the wild shape and color differences in them. The pumpkin wildly shaped and intensely colored, and the espresso cup, shaped simply and elegantly with only the colors it can find around it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #217 "Dreams of Mayberry" **SOLD**

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Another house right down the road from us. In fact, I might be able to roll a baseball into their front yard if I was in better shape, but this is neither here nor there. The reason I painted this particular house is that on either side of this old home are somewhat newer and 'lesser' houses, but if you're a bit creative (which I sometimes try to be) and you use both hands as blinders to filter out everything else around it, you get something like this. I can almost see Sheriff Andy Taylor strolling into the picture down the sidewalk. (**footnote** For all of you whose only interaction with TV is Jersey Shore and The Bachelor see The Andy Griffith Show to find out about Sheriff Andy:)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #216 "A Little Honey In My Tea" **SOLD**

I am a HUGE beverage person. Now don't get me wrong, I love to eat and cook (hopefully good food) but when it comes to drinks I NEED to have the good stuff (as my wife points out frequently.) This tea cup, speaking of Jen, was given to me as part of a set by her nearly 10 years ago when we lived in Minnesota. Two Japanese stoneware teacups and a matching teapot. All three have a wonderful "dipped" green glaze on one side and are among my favorite possessions. They usually sit in a barrister bookcase but every now and then I'll bring one or more out to drink out of or if the mood strikes, throw into a painting (but carefully!!! remember I kinda like these guys.) The honey well that's pretty straight forward. I have bought different varietal honeys in the past (tupelo, buckwheat, avocado, etc...) but the good old Orange blossom honey bear always finds his way back into our cupboards. Nothing wrong with "a little" in every cup of tea:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #215 "Germanic"

All through Cincinnati you will find markers of the strong German heritage that this city has. Early in it's history Cincinnati was settled by a massive German population, evident in many of the older neighborhood's architecture. There is even a part of the city, one of the oldest, called Over-The-Rhine. The street that this house is located on is filled with them, many of them identical to this one except for color and maybe a few small details. I always have loved these homes, many unfortunately have fallen into massive disrepair but many more have been kept pristine or have found a second life. You can't have Cincinnati without a bit of Germany.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #214 "Squash!" **SOLD**

To bid on this painting click the diaper below. This probably will be the last painting that includes this great acorn squash. No real explanation of the title, I hope. The little frog belongs to my daughter and has been incommunicado (stored away in my still life closet) and not in the bathtub where he belongs for about three months now, waiting on a painting that he could hop into. So here you go, maybe not what he, or I, invisioned initially but I think it all worked out in the end.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #212 "Season's Last" **SOLD**

To bid on this painting click the diaper below.Maybe I am being a bit nostalgic about the season's end here in the last few posts but you got to start with something when you're painting. This season was TERRIBLE for tomatoes. Most of my friends that grow these wonderful summer jewels had the same issues. In years past we couldn't pick them fast enough but this year we barely had enough to eat and most of them rotted on the vine :( Though there were a few winners and this is, sadly one of the last and as you can see it was one of the holdouts that were still on the vine when we tore them out of the garden last weekend. Along side is the old standby, Acorn Squash. Those guys grow through anything.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #213 "Last of Summer"

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I imagine this will be one of the last pieces that I do for a while with these types of greens in them. The leaves and colors area changin'. I do love painting these little quick hitters of all that expansive green, till' next year I guess.

DAILY DIAPER #211 "Order Up"

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This was done froma scene on a recent trip I took to Las Vegas. The cooks were a varitable whirlwind in the back behind the line and the woman up front was doing everything she could to make sure those plates kept popping up on the counter.

Monday, November 7, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #210 "Secret Jen" **SOLD**

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In Cincinnati, there is an orginization called Artworks, whose main goal is to support the arts in the city. Some of the murals that have been painted throughout the city have been commissioned through Artworks, where they get professional artists to take on students from around the city to work together in collaboration to finish the pieces. This is just one of the many things that this organization does . . . BUT the coolest thing they do, in my humble opinion, is something called Secret Artworks. This is their largest fundraising effort for the year. Basically you buy a ticket to get in the door which includes your admission and a few smaller things (ie: drink tickets food etc..) and you get one ticket for a piece of art. This year Artworks asked 300 local artist to donate works, all of which must be 5x7" and cannot be signed on the front. They can be 2D or 3D but must fit onto the 5x7 card they give you. On opening night people flood in and snatch up the pieces they like in a kind of free for all, and the secret artists are revealed only when they have been purchased. The artists get a bit of exposure, the public gets a chance to snag a piece of original art for a reasonable amount of money, and artworks gets money to operate . . . it all works out. THIS piece is a portrait of my wife and was going to be destined for this show BUT wasn't finished in time to meet the deadline. Unfortunately, since it's being posted here "It ain't to big of a secret who painted it!"

PS: If you are in the Cincinnati area on Nov 18th, maybe swing on by the Secret Artworks opening there are a couple of pieces you might like. PSSSSSSSSSS one of them looks alot like me:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #209 "The Pumpkin Patch!"

To bid on this painting click the diaper below. Another pumpkin themed piece, although this one is different from the last in a few different ways. Apart from the obvious subject difference this one was handled differently. I got going on it and decided to give myself a bit of a challenge and painted it with only a #2 flat and a #8 flat brush. To some, this might be fairly common place but to a guy that usually ends up with a pile of dirty brushes of all shapes and sizes after a 2 hour 6x6 study this was maddening, challenging, and a bit fun all at the same time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #208 "Boo!" **SOLD**

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We took the little lady up to Dayton to do a little Trick or Treatin' with her cousins. Along the route, as you might imagine, we saw a whole bunch of these little guys, lit up and strikin' their best poses. These two just so happen to be of my own creation and were perched nicely on my mother and grandmother-in-laws porch. It's always fun to try to capture the luminous qualities of a lit object at night.