Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #215 "Germanic"

All through Cincinnati you will find markers of the strong German heritage that this city has. Early in it's history Cincinnati was settled by a massive German population, evident in many of the older neighborhood's architecture. There is even a part of the city, one of the oldest, called Over-The-Rhine. The street that this house is located on is filled with them, many of them identical to this one except for color and maybe a few small details. I always have loved these homes, many unfortunately have fallen into massive disrepair but many more have been kept pristine or have found a second life. You can't have Cincinnati without a bit of Germany.


  1. Fantastic! I just love how you portrayed the stone work. Excellent!

  2. You did a wonderful painting here. I'm sure you know of the band "Over The Rhine" which I like. Enjoying your work very much. Just found you.
    Carol Watson
    Alamosa, CO.