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I have never been, and probably never will be, much of a writer. This makes doing a blog somewhat difficult. My saving grace in this venture is that I am a painter and can create things for you to look at that might be a touch better than my writing. Which brings us back to this blog and its purpose. As you might have already deduced this has a little something to do with a little something that is on the way. My wife and I had decided at the begining of the year now was the time to try to have a family. There are no certainties in life, but it seems as though (with no professional verification) this might be one of them. So it is time to start planning ahead. Every morning I get up and pop into the studio and start working on whatever it is that is on my easel. Starting today every morning I will do a warmup piece for one hour. The subject of these works will range from still life, to figurative, to landscape. They will all be 5x7 in oil and will be sold on EBAY. Each auction will start at $10.00, and all proceeds will go into an account that will be left until the big day arrives. Art 4 Diapers is not just for diapers but for my wife, who works her tail off week in and week out. I want to do everything I can to make sure that she and our baby have everything they need. Also it's for me, someone that needs tasks to complete and goals to hit. Thanks for looking, thanks for bidding, and thanks for reading (if it was legible enough!) -B