Sunday, October 23, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #205 "The Flapper " **SOLD**

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This is a small sketch for a larger/finished piece that has been in the making for years now. My wife, Jen, happens to be a huge fan of all things fashion/design of the 30's, 40's, & 50's. This little hat she bought some time ago at, I believe, an antiques fair and we have talked about doing a portrait of her in it from the time she bought it. I even have made one or two attempts that seemed to fallen a bit short. Now that we have Maddie, space in our house is at a premium and Jen's decided to donate this wonderful little time piece so that another artist can find it and inspiration at the same time. So we thought I should take one more swing at the flapper fence before we let her go. So here they (they being the hat and my lovely wife Jen) are. To the actual painting: the handling of this, especially it being a portrait, is much much heavier than I usually work. I had a Sargent book on a table by my easel and (not saying that I am comparable to Sargent or even in the same solar system but...) maybe a little bit of "Fumee d'Ambre Gris" (see Sargent painting **** MY FAVORITE****) wafted over my way and caused the paint to load up.


  1. You have rendered this beautifully. It does have a Sargent feel to it . . . the lighting, the skin tones, and simple elegance. So, you are going to sell this painting and the hat? Your wife should keep the hat-- keep it for Maddie!

  2. I agree - keep the hat! I've done that before, too - painted with a Sargent book open beside me. I've seen "Fumee de Amergris" in person before, and it's amazing!