Saturday, October 22, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #204 "Out For A Walk" **SOLD**

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Another shot from Ault park a few weeks back. A nice sunny day around one of the pavilions, I really liked this one because the gravel path, the dog, and the woman all had relatively the same coloring. So it was all about the subtle shifts to separate the three from one another. Also the wonderful overlook in the background which living in a fairly hilly part of the country, is prominent in many of our parks.


  1. This painting made me smile for a personal reason. Every time we go on vacation, my husband for some reason take pictures of my back side. it has become a little joke between us.

  2. Loving your work! Diapers and support of your hard-working wife are admirable goals, too. I think your positive attitude shines in your paintings!