Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DAILY DIAPER #202 "Sunday's Finest" **SOLD**

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This is a piece done for a Daily Paintworks Challenge. The challenge was to use a photo posted by Carol Marine of this little girle holding a bag with a few other people in the background. Obviously I omitted quite a bit from the reference and chose to do a vignette sketch of this little lady. It gave me an apportunity to really place with the cool darks in skin tones since her face was mostly in shadow. The dress in itself is quite a subject but the expression (or the one that I saw in my mind's eye) on the girl's face was quite captivating. Having a one year old daughter I am in a constant state of wandering "What will she look like in two, three, ten years? What will her expressions be?" As I painted this I couldn't help but wander is I would be doing a similar piece in a few years.


  1. This is a great, solution to the DPW Challenge, Brian! Love how you use color!

  2. Very nice light and shadows on her face. I love her expression.