Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#303 "Super Fruit"

My daughter is a HUGE fan of Little People toys . . . and so I have become sort of a fan as well, at least for painting subjects. We've got brainy kids, princesses, pilots, animals, aliens, and even super heroes (Wonder Woman and her jet was a Xmas gift that she loved!) So anyhoo . . . . as I started looking at these guys one day as I was picking them up I had one of those moments where the mental spicket opened way up and out came the painting ideas and no pen and paper could be close enough. This little guy and the ones that follow are test fires for me for BIGGER things that I had rolling around in my head that day and now reside in my sketch book.


  1. I love it! My daughter is also a huge Little People fan so this caught my eye right away, but aside from that, it has gorgeous color! Great work.

    1. Thanks Cindy . . . now with the jungle, the house, the car, the bus, the airplane, etc... we've got a small city in our house!