DAILY DIAPER #191 "Illuminating:)" **SOLD**

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A few diapers back (I can't remember which but maybe when I painted one of my palettes) I said I always loved seeing paintings of artists and the studios they work in. For me, it's always like a small autobiography of the painter. How they work, what they work with, kind of like your standing over their shoulder as they're painting. . . and in this one you pretty much are.

PS:Every now and then when I'm done with one of these small guys I step back and think "That's a finished painting waiting to happen." This is one of those paintings. I hope to do a larger version of it with a a bit moer finish and maybe something else behind the easel for interest.


  1. I love your work . . . great blog also!

  2. I love seeing paintings of artists at work as well and this one does not let down. Beautiful light and colors. Stunning.

  3. I'm loving your self portraits! I had a sudden memory of a self portrait by Norman Rockwell. He painted himself from the back and he's peering around his canvas into a mirror. This pose made me think of that.

  4. Yes I agree. This would be very nice larger. I do like the dark background though. It gives attention to the light.


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