Tasty Good #11 "Dioxazine Oranges"

A small warm up study of oranges using a very special color on my palette. A long time ago in college illustration class far far away . . .  I had a brilliant teacher who worked as a professional illustrator in the 60's, 70's & 80's. He was a wealth of knowledge that was wasted on me at the time, being a 19 year old snot nosed college student BUT his insights did stick with me and years later I put many of them to use in my work today. One of them was the use of Dioxazine Purple or what is more commonly know as Winsor Violet. The technique he taught was to lay a drawing down on board, fix it, cover the entire piece with a wash of D.P. (sometimes neutralized with a tiny bit of Permanent Green Light), wipe out the light areas with a turp loaded rag and build on top of this wash with transparent washes usually leaving a bit of it showing through to tie the piece together. A more contemporary Venetian method. Though this piece is not indicative of the finished illustrations that Mr. Cox was having us shoot for, it is though in the spirit of his teachings. 


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