"Tasty Good #6" Caramel Apple Espresso

So I am going to put a few finished framed pieces on the blog that fall into this little genre I started for myself. The piece come just as you see it in a custom 1.5" Dutch black frame, ready to hang. 

   I went back to what started this blog, my daughter Mae. If you have a young child or have been around one for any period of time you will inevitably here something funny come out of their mouths. They are literally walking crazy quote machines. My daughter is no different. For example she has a couple of words that she adds a 'n' on the end of the word (i.e. ghost becomes ghostn') as in I really don't like ghostn's they're kinda scary. Or I don't want toastn's for breakfast. We don't correct her because honestly we love hearing it and soon she'll self correct and that will be one more sign that she's growing up. I tell you this because one of the other few things that she used to say frequently, but somewhat more rarely now, is when something was "Tasty Good." "Dad, I like chocolate, it's tasty good." LOVE IT LOVE IT. What adult would say that seriously in everyday conversation? So these next 50 or 100 pieces are for all my daughter's "Tasty Goods" and "not so Tasty Goods."


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