#299 "Henry VIII's First Eggplant"

This guy hung around in my flat files for about 3 months. He was about 75% done when I put him away because of commissions and holiday what not. Every time I opened the drawer he'd peer up at me with those puppy dog eyes and say "Finish me please" but alas the drawer was closed on him once more . . . until one day the drawer opened and he found himself hoisted back onto his rightful perch . . . my easel. In case you haven't picked up on it yet, I spend long hours alone in my studio with no one but the paintings to talk to, so a touch of insanity may creep in here and there when I right about my experiences as an artist. So without further do-do here he is, finished, in all his finished up, gloriously finished, completed self. "Henry VIII's Second Favorite Eggplant."


  1. Ha ha! Clever title. Impressive color on the eggplant too - in life they look black if not for the slight purple shift in and around the reflections. Glad you got around to finishing!

    1. Karen, one of my favorite veggies to paint for that very reason. I've taught a few painting/color classes and have used the eggplant as a good way to push your eye to actually see "colors" instead of shades of black. Plus the reflections you get in it are wonderful as well!

  2. a fantastic painting with a unique point of view Im lovin u


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