Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Cinderella's Ball" Daily Diaper #268

This is a bit of a throw-back for me. For a year and a half or so this "genre" of painting was my bread and butter. Objects stuck, taped or glued to a wall with something of a story behind it and yes every now and then I stuck my ugly mug in there for good measure. This little card (the first ball) came from my wife's grandfather . . . posthumously. As with most of his generation he kept everything. This was a sticker that was obviously a CrackerJack prize or something very similar. He kept a few dozen of these guys so I think I've got some reference to work from. The second ball is a simple Christmas ornament that I've been wanting to paint for a while now. It was a ball painting it . . . .hope it's one looking at it!

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