Monday, March 5, 2012

DAILY DIAPER #258 "Torrit Nude #1"

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I haven't done a b/w piece for ages, maybe as far back as my Atelier days. Yet here it is in all it's black and whiteness. This piece was actually inspired by the local manager of the art store that I shop at. As I was checking out with a few brushes and some panels Damon came out of the back with a few sample tubes of Gamblin's Torrit Grey. If you are unfamiliar with theis color or the company, each year Gamblin recycles the clean off and left over colors from that years production and blends them together to form a grey, which the sell in a limited run as Torrit grey. Every year is different, sometimes you might get one that's a bit green, sometimes a bit blue or red. This year the grey is a wonderfully warm grey with yellow and red notes throughout. So I decided to paint a few nudes, in the old Atelier Grisalle method. This piece was painted with Gamblin's T-Z White, Torrit Grey, and a touch of Mars Black for parts of the hair and under the arms.


  1. Now THAT is how you do black and white. Stunning piece. :))

  2. I've not heard of this Torrit Grey. I so enjoy your blog and usually learn something each time I visit, whether it's your handling of paint or what you have to say. You're an amazing talent.

  3. Interesting information on the gray. This is a beautiful piece. Wonderful light on her shoulder, and beautiful values.