Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DAILY DIAPER #249 "Tumble Bumble"

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One of the many books that my daughter loves to bring over to me during the day. On her one day at the sitters it seems strange not to hear "Book Book Book" as I'm walking around the house. The sketch pad is one that I have had for quite a while now. When I buy one of them I always envision myself filling it with amazing ideas for paintings. Alas this one and most of it's brethren end up in the paintngs rather that holding sketches of paintings.


  1. Hi there. I really like this one. In particular, I the light source is strong and believable and the lost edges in the spiral binding are elegant. I also think your simplified representation of the sketchbook pages is just right.
    In style, it reminds me of Christopher Stott's work....which I think is fantastic.
    Great work!

    Artist in Disguise

  2. As always, your painting is way better than seeing the real table of books and apple. Your colors and style are amazing, love, love, love.