Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ART 4 DIAPERS (DAILY DIAPER #184) Majestic Sky **SOLD**

To bid on this painting click the diaper below.

A little en plein air for this one. Clouds . . . clouds are among my most favorite things to paint when Im outside. They are beautifully majestic and endlessly captivating.


  1. Brian, once again you have knocked one out of the park. Your retention of only the essential elements is masterful. The touches of foreground light, that many would miss, add such depth to a great small painting!

    Enjoy! Eileen

  2. When I click on the diaper and I just get a picture of the diaper, I guess that means the piece is sold ... ??? I bought one of your pieces on ebay and wondered where you had gone ...

  3. Ugh. No response. :-p