Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Just thought that I'd write a little something here instead of just throwing panel after panel up. A bit of an update. My lovely wife is at the 8 week mark and we will be making our first trip to the OB in about 2 weeks. Meanwhile she has been what we like to call "a little under the weather" in the morning. . . and the afternoons. . . . and some at night, but she is being a trooper about it. So far this is our only complaint (KNOCK on WOOD) well that and she is now out eating me (when she can keep it down.) Soooooo that's about all for now. I've sold about 3/4's of what I put up so far, so a BIG THANK YOU to any and all out there that are helping us along. Talk to you soon and paint for you sooner. -The Diaper Guy

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